Review Excerpts

White Bird Black Song

“an interesting performer…accompanied by provocative sounds and visual elements…”

Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice 1997


“Cobb’s choreography was full of black-comedic misconnections that underscore the triste in every tryst.”

Pasa Tiempo, (Santa Fe) 1990

“…Ladder in the Garden has a disturbing, dreamlike quality in which things once familiar suddenly become eerie. We cannot explain it, yet it has a certain logic all its own…Cobb’s vision conjures up whole environments based in the fleeting logic of dreams.”

Dance Magazine, 1989

“In House of Drawn Shades choreographer Cobb did a remarkable job of realizing the ‘logic’ of a dream. The dance took a tangle of images and incorporated it into the web–much the way the subconscious will adapt a noise from the waking world into a dream.”

The Pittsburgh Press, 1988

“Cobb designs the stage space carefully and can create a very precise atmosphere in which the oddities of her vision exist within perfect logic…”

Burt Supree, Village Voice, 1986

“Cobb has an interesting mind… attempting to create a mosaic of unrelated images of a bizarre or dreamlike nature…”

— Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice, 1985

Amelia’s Breakfast

“The evocative piece, in which Ms. Cobb strolled stretching with wing-arms as if testing air, bravely engaged.”

— Jennifer Dunning, New York Times, 1981